Classical Acupuncture Needling Techniques & Annual Membership Meeting
Saturday June 17, 2023 – Goodnow Library, Sudbury 10-5pm
6 CEUs for the full day

The ASM invites you to a highly educational and information-packed event.  Read all the details here including speaker bio, location information and more

9 Reasons To Come Join Us For Our Full Day of Learning, Sharing and Networking

  1. Learn from our inspirational instructor Xiao Ming Cheng, LAc how your mindset enlivens your needling technique no matter your number of years in practice
  2. Hear what the ASM is all about with updates on recent accomplishments and what we’re working on in legislative areas and more
  3. Learn about the application of specialty techniques in real clinical cases & stories beyond case reports
  4. Get back together in-person with like minded professionals – working together helps the entire acupuncture community
  5. Earn CEUs – 6 for the full day or 2 for the meeting/town hall
  6. Enjoy your free lunch, sponsor presentations and discount
  7. Discover the benefits of ASM membership including benefits from the ASA, our national organization
  8. You’ll bring new or improved techniques back and improve clinic outcomes
  9. Enjoy some highlights of the ASA Conference in May
  • 10:00-2:45pm Classical Acupuncture Needling Technique Class, Lunch, Sponsor Presentations
  • 3:00-5:00pm ASM Annual Membership Meeting & Town Hall

ASM Annual Membership Meeting – 3 ways to join us!

1) Join us in-person for the full day – 6 CEUs
2) Join us in-person for ONLY the meeting & town hall – 2CEUs – Free to active ASM members
3) Join us via Zoom for ONLY the meeting & town hall – 2 CEUs – Free to active ASM members

We’ll have lots of updates regarding what the ASM is working on in legislative area and more. Then time for town hall with discussion on some key topics in the profession and Q&A.