The ASM is hoping to see many of you in person (or on zoom for the annual meeting) in just a few weeks

Classical Acupuncture Needling Techniques & Annual Membership Meeting
Saturday June 17, 2023 – Goodnow Library, Sudbury 10-5pm
6 CEUs for the full day

The ASM invites you to a highly educational and information-packed event.  Read all the details here including speaker bio, location information and more

Needling Is At The Heart of Our Practice
Learn How Your Mindset Enlivens Your Needling Technique 

We begin with this class which is for every acupuncture practitioner who wishes to elevate their expertise!

  • You will gain mastery of classical Chinese acupuncture needle techniques
  • The first 2 hours is a lecture that includes the history of traditional Chinese needle techniques, managing Qi movement, and the application of specialty techniques in clinical practice
  • The second 2 hours will provide a demonstration of each technique; then attendees will practice hand and needle techniques on each other under the guidance of the instructor. 

Taught by the accomplished instructor Xiaoming Cheng, Lic Ac from the Osher Center for Integrative Medicine and Boston TCM. It will consist of a lecture,demonstration, and hand-on practice for lic ac attendees.

Lunch is sponsored by EZ Medical Supply, who will also provide needles for the demonstration and practice.

ASM Annual Membership Meeting – 3 ways to join us!

1) Join us in-person for the full day – 6 CEUs
2) Join us in-person for ONLY the meeting & town hall – 2CEUs – Free to active ASM members
3) Join us via Zoom for ONLY the meeting & town hall – 2 CEUs – Free to active ASM members

We’ll have lots of updates regarding what the ASM is working on in legislative area and more. Then time for town hall with discussion on some key topics in the profession and Q&A.