Many practitioners have been struggling with the news of Cigna integrating with American Specialty Health (ASH). This will affect all Cigna health plans. ASH reimbursement rates are approximately $40 per entire treatment.

The ASM has been advised to get all of our practitioners and their Cigna patients on board to remedy this situation by doing the following:

1) If you have a LinkedIn account, you can message Anthony Cali, Vice President of Cigna Network Management ( as well as the author of the letter of notification Massachusetts practitioners received. Please be professional and stick to the key facts and represent our profession in the utmost respectable manner.

2) If you choose not to contract with ASH, each provider needs to contact their Cigna patients and explain why they will no longer be in the network, and/or why they won’t join the network. Sharing this reimbursement amount with patients may drive the point home. Patients need to complain to Cigna AND their HR, if their insurance is self-funded, or complain directly to Cigna if they purchase it directly.

We have been advised that Cigna WILL listen to patients, and of course their employer will as well.

Please note: This information cannot come directly from the ASM, it must come from Cigna’s members, your patients. A phone call is always more powerful if they can make the time.

Action Your Patients Can Take
Encourage your patients to contact Cigna. They can call (800) 244-6224 or email Anthony Cali, Vice President of Cigna Network Management So your patients don’t have to re-invent the wheel, we have provided a sample script below that can be used for either.  

When calling or emailing include the following information:

Provider Name, Tax ID/NPI, Service address, Reason for termination, Effective Date

Sample Phone Script For Patients To Use

To (Cigna or Anthony Cali),

Because of the integration of Cigna with American Specialty Health for acupuncture services and the implementation of ASH’s significantly lower reimbursement rates, my acupuncturist of (X years) is terminating his/her contract with Cigna. ASH reimbursement rates are so low that my acupuncturist cannot sustain his/her practice and take them. ASH severely limits the amount of time spent with patients to 1 unit which is just 15 minutes equaling around $40 per treatment. A typical acupuncture treatment is 45-60 minutes so this is not nearly enough time to give appropriate quality care. This change will end up costing my acupuncture practitioner, which is not sustainable for his/her practice. For this reason, I will not be able to receive acupuncture treatments which I rely on for (what you get treated for). Please reconsider this drastic move on behalf of the best interest of your members and reinstate Cigna’s previous reimbursement rates

(patient name)

We hope that this information is helpful. We will continue to monitor the situation. Please contact us if you have questions.

The ASM Board of Directors