The Acupuncture Society of Massachusetts (ASM) invites you to share in a special member benefit: A presentation by Mori West of AcuClaims on Tuesday July 13th at 8 pm via Zoom.

–This event is free for ASM members
–Current members will receive the Zoom mtg instructions in a separate email on 7/13
–This event will be “live” only and will not be recorded, so we hope you can attend

The ASM is aware that American Specialty Health (ASH), the company who will be managing all the acupuncture claims for CIGNA as of September 1, 2021 has sent letters to all of us who are currently contracted with CIGNA.  

There is a lot of confusion around this integration and a lot of us may not be getting accurate information from ASH agents and their statements about what the reimbursement will be with this new policy which does not match the amount that is allowable under the summary plan description.  So far there are 2 states where the reimbursement allowances were incorrectly promoted via email and do not match the summary plan description. Please know that MA, where we live and practice, is one of them.

During this presentation Mori will address the emails that have been distributed to our practitioners and received among acupuncturists who are being asked to contract with ASH because we see existing patients with CIGNA insurance plans.

Come for Answers! Let’s listen together to learn what our options are because we will need to take action swiftly if we are to connect with Cigna about the disparity between what providers are being told they can bill and what the ASH Policies delineate about the maximum they will pay for one treatment episode. This is also a system that rewards providers who see patients for less visits per year. We will be discussing this at length as well.

Is your ASM membership current? Only current members will be allowed to attend. We welcome you to join now or renew so you can attend the event.  If you have questions or need help with your membership please email