In association with The Acupuncture Associations of Vermont, Connecticut, New Hampshire, Maine and Rhode Island and Massachusetts

VIRTUAL CLASS: Insurance Billing for Acupuncturists in New England
Attend Live Sunday, Aug 14th 2022 from 10 AM to 4:30 PM – plus viewable later
+ BONUS: Mori’s Bulletproof Documentation Class (viewable for 60 days)
Both come with NCCAOM PDAs

Here is a class JUST for you. Learn about acupuncture insurance for your area, get the latest in Insurance updates that affect your practice plus coding resources you will use over and over.

This class will get you up to speed with the new E/M code changes as well as changes to ICD10.  You’ll get the latest information about the new Medicare policy and treating Medicare patients without MD supervision, as well as how it is affecting Medicare Advantage Plans.  You’ll learn the ins and outs of the VA CCN program so you can start treating Vets.

CPT Codes * ICD10 Codes * Medicare * The VA *No Surprises Act  * and more!
Plus tips and tricks from Acupuncturists’ favorite biller!

BONUS CLASS – Examination and Bulletproof Documenttion – On Demand Webinar
You also get access to Mori’s Bulletproof Documentation class!

This webinar is all about making YOU bulletproof!  Know what carriers are looking for in your documentation – and GIVE IT TO THEM!  Understanding how your exam findings and outcome assessment tests guarantee the necessity of your treatment.  When your treatment is necessary, carriers HAVE to pay you.

Review of Coding * Exams that establish Medical Necessity * What carriers are looking for * Requesting Additional Visits from the VA * Successful Appeals

As a bonus to registering for Acupuncture Billing, you will get a link that allows you to access this webinar for 60 days.


ASM Association Members (must be an active/paid member and indicate that during registration)
-Early Bird before 7/31/2022 – $180
-Regular – 8/1 to 8/12 – $200
-After Aug 12th $240                                                   

NON-Assoc members
-Early Bird before 7/31/2022 – $250
-Regular – 8/1 to 8/12) $270
-After Aug 12th $300

Students, not yet licensed (Does not apply to doctoral students) $120

If you are not a current ASM member, you can join (create a new account) or renew (use your existing username/password) for best class rates. For specific instructions, please contact .


–When registering, if you are a current/paid ASM member there are 2 places to indicate you are part of the ASM/Acupuncture Society of Mass
–If you require PDA’s please provide your STATE license number – NOT your NCCAOM number

Classes are taught by

Mori West CPC, the CEO of Acuclaims, an insurance billing company for Acupuncturists.  Last year Acuclaims collected over 10 million dollars for their clients.  Mori is a member of AMBA (American Medical Billing Assoc.) and was their 2010 member of the year.  She is also certified as a Professional Coder with AAPC (American Academy of Professional Coders.)

Special instruction on basic orthopedic exams to strengthen your clinical documentation will be provided by Roger West, D.C., Q.M.E.  Dr West is a longtime advocate of acupuncture and for the last 34 years worked side by side with an acupuncturist is his practice.  Dr. West is a Qualified Medical Evaluator appointed by the state of California.

Class Registration and PDA certificates are being handled directly by Mori.

If you have membership questions please email .