Update on Our Dry Needling Bill: An Act Relative to the Safer Treatment of Pain 

What it is: H 2270 & S 1355 is legislation that would ensure that those providing pain treatment with acupuncture/filiform needles are properly licensed and trained and will require licensed health care providers to have adequate training and independent testing to validate their skills. View more details on our new DN Bill Fact Sheet.

Update: Robert Surabian and Amy Mager, functioning as DN Co-Chairs, and our lobbyist Dan Delaney met on October 23rd with the Chair of the DPH (Department of Public Health), their lawyers, the ED of the BOAH (oversees refs for PTs, ATCs and OTs) and their lawyers and the ED of the DPL (Department of Public Licensure) and their lawyers to ask for support around reaching consensus on allied health practitioners performing dry needling in a regulated and safe way vs. the current situation of practicing with zero regulations.

Your Participation Makes A Difference – Call or Email your Legislator TODAY!
Please help to continue to put pressure on legislators to take this issue seriously. Legislators take a break Nov 5th-so let’s call and write legislators TODAY. Please ask your legislator to reach out to the Joint Committee on Public Health, asking them to report H2270 and S1355 out of committee favorably before the break. Find your legislators here

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