Legislative Sessions 2023-2024 (193rd)

The ASM continues to help push two important bills through the house and senate with the support of our sponsors. The Massachusetts legislature will be considering and voting on these bills.  Both bills are critical to the acupuncture profession, for both practitioners and patients.

One bill is related to Dry Needling – view FACT SHEET

What It is: An Act Relative to the Safer Treatment of Pain
H 2270 & S 1355 (has house and senate versions of the bill)

Sponsors: Rep. Jon Santiago and Senator Julian Cyr

What It Does: This legislation would ensure that those providing pain treatment with acupuncture/filiform needles are properly licensed and trained and will require licensed health care providers to have adequate training and independent testing to validate their skills. 

2/16 Referred to the Committee on Public Health

7/26 Hearing was cancelled

9/20 A hearing of the Joint Committee on Public Health.  Amy Mager and Robert Surabian gave their testimony for the bill. Now the Committee will decide whether to move this bill along in the process.

10/23 Robert Surabian & Amy Mager, functioning as DN Co-Chairs, and our lobbyist Dan Delaney met with the Chair of the DPH/Department of Public Health, their lawyers, the ED of the BOAH (oversees refs for PTs, ATCs and OTs) and their lawyers and the ED of the DPL (Department of public licensure) and their lawyers to ask for support around reaching consensus on allied health practitioners performing dry needling in a regulated and safe way vs. the currents situation of practicing with zero regulations. Read more

More about Dry Needling

One bill is related to Acupuncture Insurance

What It is: An Act Relative to the Practice of Acupuncture
H 1120 & S 722 (has house and senate versions of the bill)

Sponsor: Smitty Pignatelli

What it Does:
-Mandates insurance coverage for acupuncture in MA for the treatment of pain, nausea, PTSD, and to treat opioid addiction
-Establishes a commission on acupuncture and wellness within the public health department
-Covers state employees (about 200,000 people)

2/16 Referred to the Committee on Financial Services

Learn more 

Your Help Is Needed to Move These Bills Forward

During the legislative year we ask for your help in reaching out to specific legislators and committee heads that are reviewing and making recommendations on whether or not these bills are passed. Each time we ask, it is to help push the bill to the next group. We provide sample text and instructions and announce this information to our email list. If you are not receiving these notices, please consider becoming an ASM member or asking to be on the list by emailing

November 2023:  For the Dry Needling bill -We’d like you, as well as your patients, to email or call your legislators with a simple but effective message. Read the details on our blog.

June 26, 2023:  For the insurance bill, we’d like you, as well as your patients, to email or write to your state senator and state representative as soon as possible. It is an urgent matter that we get an early hearing so that this bill will have the opportunity to make it to the floor this legislative session.

We’ve provided sample copy and instructions in the documents below.

DOWNLOAD Acu Insurance Sample Letter for Licensed Acupuncturists

DOWNLOAD Acu Insurance Sample Letter for Patients