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Dear Practitioners,

There is a beginning of a national discussion about inclusion of Acupuncturists as a Medicare provider type occurring this evening (6/24) during the ASA and NCCAOM town hall. This is a critically important discussion for several reasons:

1 – Acupuncture IS being covered by Medicare – do we want to be a provider group?

2 – This WILL and already has influenced insurance reimbursement rates from other insurers

3 – The future of our profession is being shaped, please participate in this conversation

Medicare has decided to cover acupuncture for chronic lower back pain. This conversation will help shape if the ASA advocates for acupuncture as a provider group under Medicare.

Our members are asked to vote on this critical issue by Sunday, July 12, 2020. This vote will determine how the ASM represents the cumulative position of our practitioners on this crucial turning point for the acupuncture profession. While it is important to hear from all practitioners, the ASM will vote based on the responses received from our membership. If you would like to join our membership to have your vote included, please join here.

Please learn more information by reading the briefing below:

Link to Educational Brief

Access the survey here:

ASA Medicare Survey


If you have any questions or concerns please remember to attend the ASA & NCCAOM joint Town Hall meeting on Medicare at 8:00pm EST June 24, 2020. 

Please register and be on time as we anticipate going over the maximum 3000 participants for this webinar.

To register to join the joint Town Hall, follow this link. https://www.asacu.org/2020/06/registration-june-24th-weekly-asa-nccaom-town-hall-meeting/

Link to ASA & NCCAOM June 24th joint Town Hall Meeting