Benefits of Membership

ASM MemberSHIP Benefits

By being a member of the Acupuncture Society of Massachusetts you receive support and benefits in many ways including being in a group with your professional peers and colleagues, the ongoing educational and legislative work of the ASM plus many valuable services and discounts.

The ASM serves the acupuncturists and acupuncture students of Massachusetts – so please become a member to make us stronger and have a voice in moving our profession forward.


Visibility for Your Practice

You and your business will be visible in the Find An Acupuncturist tool on the ASM website. Visitors can search by location and view contact data for the practitioners that are displayed.**


Discounted Rates

Whenever possible, professional level members can register for and attend ASM courses, classes, events and other educational opportunities at a discounted rate. **


Earn CEUs

Members have the opportunity to receive PDAs/CEUs at certain educational opportunities that the ASM provides each year. Please follow the directions when you register to ensure you are eligible. 

National Asssociation Benefits

As an ASM member you automatically become a member of the national ASA (American Society of Acupuncturists). The ASA benefits include National News (the “tickertape” seen on the ASM home page), ASA monthly newsletter plus the discounts and programs listed below:

  • Professional Liability insurance Discounts:  CM&F for Liability Insurance  and Huntington Insurance on behalf of Westminster Group
  • Group and Individual Insurance Discounts: Insurance Specialists, Inc – Term Life, Disability Insurance,  Business Overhead Expense Insurance, Disability Income Insurance, Dental Insurance
  • Freshbennies Program:  membership program with healthcare and other benefits
    • Discounts on prescriptions
    • 24/7 access to medical advice
    • Access to expert health advisors who help navigate “the system” including medical billing issues
    • Help finding prices before you need a medical procedure



Annual Meeting

Get together with colleagues to network, learn, and hear about important updates in the profession are all components of the annual meeting. CEUs are usually offered for the educational portion of the day.**


ASM Member Account

Online membership account enabling you to update your profile, make payments, register for events, receive newsletters and more


Latest News & Updates

Updates are posted on our news blog and sent out in e-Newsletters covering what is going on in the acupuncture profession in Massachusetts plus updates on ASM events, meetings, and more.



Networking opportunities for increased business, alliances and support


Volunteer Roles

Members have an opportunity to join association committees, serve as an ASA representative or join the Board of Directors**


Voting Rights

The ability to vote in certain elections**

** Items with this mark are available to licensed acupuncturists who are in active ASM Professional Level Memberships

How the ASM Supports You

The On-Going Work of the ASM

The ASM works to help the acupuncture profession for students, professionals and patients in many ways including:

Protecting the acupuncture scope of practice and maintaining the freedom to practice without medical supervision in Massachusetts

Professional representation in Massachusetts by a licensed advocate and lobbyist Dan Delaney

  • Advocates for our profession to key persons in the Massachusetts government and the public health sphere
  • Helps interpret new regulations and legal documents

Active engagement in the legislative process; we champion and monitor bills related to acupuncture, our advocate assists us in this process.

  • Universal Insurance reimbursement for acupuncture in MA
  • Dry needling legislation to protect our profession
  • Scope of practice regulations

Communication of the latest developments in the Acupuncture profession

Education and expansion of public understanding of acupuncture and herbal medicine

Representation in the ASA (American Society of Acupuncturists). The ASM sends two representatives to attend national meetings and participate in the national conversations.

Sign The Petition

Petition to specify best practices of dry needling

Signature from

Dear legislators,

We, the undersigned are concerned that dry needling is not in the scope of practice by rule or law for any allied health professionals yet they are performing the invasive procedure of the insertion of needles for therapeutic release. Please move this bill forward to specify best practices and protect patients in the Commonwealth.

We ask for your support for the following to become law in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts as proposed in S 2463:

  1. Only those with a doctorate may perform dry needling/trigger point acupuncture
  2. That Dry Needling/Trigger Point Acupuncture is defined using the CMS CPT code group definition owned by the AMA: “The insertion of a needle into a trigger point, the manipulation of the needle, the removal of the needle”.
  3. No distal needling
  4. No electrical stimulation on needles
  5. Any significant adverse events (one requiring medical attention), be reported to the Board of Health within 48 hours
  6. 500 didactic and 150 clinical training hours requirement for this practice
  7. All practitioners will pass a third party national psychometric exam to both demonstrate competency and the ability not to harm.
  8. Anyone practicing dry needling shall obtain and maintain the advanced orthopedic clinical certification
  9. Anyone practicing dry needling shall meet the continuing education requirements for acupuncture
  10. The CNT course and exam taught by the CCAOM exam be passed by all practitioners of dry needling/trigger point acupuncture.
  11. Specific and appropriate written consent be obtained from the patient and malpractice insurance must specify dry needling/trigger point acupuncture coverage.

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