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Updated 1/23/21

Welcome to the Acupuncture Society of Massachusetts COVID-19 resource page. This is an actively updated resource page which provides a compilation of information related to the practice of acupuncture during the COVID 19 pandemic in Massachusetts. We are committed to providing high quality information and are actively collaborating with our legislators and providers. If you have any questions, comments, or additions, we encourage you to reach out to with the subject: COVID 19 resource page. Thank you for your support and collaboration.

COVID-19 Vaccinations for MA Licensed Acupuncturists
Here is an update 
Vaccine locations
Licensed Acupuncturists are in the group called “non-covid facing healthcare practitioners” 

Phase 2 – Reopening Guidelines ASM Townhall 6/8/2020: Webinar recording, Slides

Safety Protocol Guidelines

–CCAOM Clinic Infection Control Advisory: PDF

–Acupuncture Society of NY Reopening Guidelines: PDF

–DPH Guidance for all healthcare workers, (5/7/2020): WordDoc

–CDC – Information for Healthcare Professionals about Coronavirus (COVID-19): Website

     —CDC – Cleaning and Disinfecting your Facility: Website

     —CDC – Guidelines for Environmental Infection Control: Website

–WHO – CoronaVirus (COVID 19) technical guidance: Infection protection and control, (5/15/2020): Website

Government Guidance

–Department of Public Health – COVID 19 Guidance and Directives: Website

–CDC – Information for Healthcare Professionals about Coronavirus (COVID-19): Website

MA Reopening Plan Documents 6/8/2020

–Mass.Gov – Reopening Massachusetts: Website

–Mass.Gov – Reopening Health and Human Services: Website

–EOHHS Health and Human Services Phase 2 Reopening Approach: PPT

    • EOHHS Health and Human Services Phase 2 Reopening Approach 1 pager: Word Doc

–Department of Public Health Memorandum Phase 1 (5/18/2020): GoogleDoc

–Department of Public Health Guidance – Reopen Approach for Health Care Providers, Phase 2: Cautious: Word Doc

    • Department of Public Health Guidance: Reopen Approach for Health Care Providers, Phase 1 (Providers that are Non Acute Care Hospitals): WordDoc

–Governor Baker’s Slides (5/18/2020): Google Slides

Reopening Resources

–Acupuncture Society of NY Reopening Guidelines: PDF

–Massachusetts Department of Public Health – Health Care Provider Phase 2 Reopen Attestation: WordDoc

– COVID-19 Control Plan Template: PDF

–Compliance Attestation Poster by MA EOHED: PDF

–MedGroup Pro – Reopening checklist for healthcare practitioners: PDF

Sample Documents for your Practice

–Sample Continuation of Operations Plan plan by ASM member Karen Adams: PDF

–Sample COVID 19 procedures by Amy Mager: GoogleDoc

–Sample COVID 19 procedures by Eileen DePaula: GoogleDoc

–Sample Office Sanitization checklist by Eileen DePaula: Sheets

– Mandatory Safety Standards for Workplace: PDF

–Sample Office Procedure Posters by Margo Voskanian: PDF

ASA Resources

–ASA CoronaVirus Resource Page: Website 

–ASA – Essential vs. Non-Essential, things to consider: PDF 

PPE Resources

–CDC PPE Calculator: Website

–PPE Vendor List by MA EOHED: Website

Insurance Waivers

For Covid-19 acknowledgements /waivers please connect directly with your malpractice insurance.  If you don’t have malpractice insurance, you may want to consider getting some. If you are a member of the ASM, you get a 10% discount via CM & F.

–AAC: Informed consent to treat: PDF

–CM&F: Website contact

–Med Pro: Website – Documentation Guidance 

Articles and Presentations

Lhasa Webinar: Standards and Practices for Reopening TCM Clinics during COVID-19 Outbreak featuring Dr. Jennifer Brett: website

Edward Neal, MD – COVID 19 from the perspective of the Nei Jing: Vimeo

The National Law Review: Re-Opening the Economy and Getting Back to Business: Business Owners’ Liability Risk When Dealing With Customers and Others (4/29/2020): Website

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