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MassHealth Provider Update: Training, Handbook & More

Periodically the ASM has updates on the MassHealth Provider Program. This update includes:  1) Free Provider Training - Aug 18th & 23rd 2) New Provider Handbook 3) Provider Association Forum July Meeting Agenda, Summary, Slide Deck & FAQ Free Provider Training This month MassHealth is offering two interactive webinar training opportunities where you will be guided through the procedures...

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Help Pass The Senate Version of the Acupuncture Bill S2886

An Act Relative to the Practice of Acupuncture - Let's Get the Senate Version of This Bill Moved Forward! We are SO SO close! Good news from the State House! The ASM is very excited about the progress of both the House (H1179) and Senate (S2886) versions of the Bill we've been writing to you about for over a year (and in previous legislative sessions too). Now we need one more push for the...

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Information On MassHealth Robotics Processing Automation (RPA) Policy

Periodically the ASM receives updates from MassHealth regarding information on their Provider Program. In addition to emailing these announcements to our members and colleagues, we will post them here in the ASM News Blog as well for future reference. This particular policy information is mainly directed to any practitioners that may be pursuing the use of automatic technology to access...

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Insurance Billing for Acupuncturists Virtual Class Aug 14

Register for this Insurance Billing course and get a free bonus - Bulletproof Documentation Course on demand for 60 days. These educational courses are being offered to several New England Acupuncture societies including The Acupuncture Associations of Vermont, Connecticut, New Hampshire, Maine and Rhode Island and Massachusetts. Important Note: You must be an active member and indicate you are...

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Final Push for H1179 This Legislative Session

Time Is Critical - Contact Your Rep By June 30th The Massachusetts 192nd legislative session ends soon. It is exciting to know that through everyone's work, this has moved forward more steps than ever before - the finish line is in sight. If you haven't already, please email your state representative(s) now using the sample below. Your voice can make a huge difference for our profession and for...

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Almost There – Legislative Update on Bill H1179 / S1458

The ASM thanks our members & patients for writing and calling legislators. We are almost there! Status of Bill H1179 / S1458 as of Mid June 2022 The ASM is excited to announce that the bill we have been working so hard to pass has now moved to the House Committee on Ways and Means as of 6/6/22. This is the final committee that needs to pass this bill before it is voted on in the House of...

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Medicare Town Hall update on HR 4803 April 27th

Please join the ASA and the NCCAOM for a Town Hall update on H.R. 4803 - the Medicare for our Seniors Act - and learn how you can help the ASA and the NCCAOM secure additional bipartisan support for the bill. Wednesday April 27 2022 at 8 pm EDT. One (1) PDA/CEU point is available but only if you ATTEND Town Hall Meetings LIVE * This meeting will be recorded and posted to the NCCAOM and ASA...

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Help Pass Acupuncture/Insurance Bill House 1179 and Senate 1458

The ASM continues to help push important bills through the house and senate. The bills are critical to the acupuncture profession, for practitioners and patients. This bill, which has versions in both the house and the senate would increase consumer access to acupuncture and best possible care if passed. Acupuncture/Insurance Bill House 1179 and Senate 1458 expand insurance coverage for...

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Important MassHealth Changes Start Jan 22, 2022

The ASM is excited to announce some big changes with MassHealth which start this month! MassHealth will cover acupuncture beginning Jan 22, 2022 Acupuncturists can sign-up to be Fee-For-Service providers and see members who are enrolled in the MassHealth administered plan (the blue card). The MassHealth administered plans pay for medically necessary acupuncture for the treatment of pain and for...

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Bulletproof Documentation Virtual Class Feb 12th

In Association with Acupuncture Society of Massachusetts & the Michigan Acupuncture Society Bulletproof Documentation for Acupuncturists Saturday, February 12, 2022 from 12:00 PM to 5:30 PM EST REGISTER HERE -  This 5 hour seminar will teach you how to document your acupuncture treatments so...

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Sign The Petition

Petition to specify best practices of dry needling

Signature from

Dear legislators,

We, the undersigned are concerned that dry needling is not in the scope of practice by rule or law for any allied health professionals yet they are performing the invasive procedure of the insertion of needles for therapeutic release. Please move this bill forward to specify best practices and protect patients in the Commonwealth.

We ask for your support for the following to become law in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts as proposed in S 2463:

  1. Only those with a doctorate may perform dry needling/trigger point acupuncture
  2. That Dry Needling/Trigger Point Acupuncture is defined using the CMS CPT code group definition owned by the AMA: “The insertion of a needle into a trigger point, the manipulation of the needle, the removal of the needle”.
  3. No distal needling
  4. No electrical stimulation on needles
  5. Any significant adverse events (one requiring medical attention), be reported to the Board of Health within 48 hours
  6. 500 didactic and 150 clinical training hours requirement for this practice
  7. All practitioners will pass a third party national psychometric exam to both demonstrate competency and the ability not to harm.
  8. Anyone practicing dry needling shall obtain and maintain the advanced orthopedic clinical certification
  9. Anyone practicing dry needling shall meet the continuing education requirements for acupuncture
  10. The CNT course and exam taught by the CCAOM exam be passed by all practitioners of dry needling/trigger point acupuncture.
  11. Specific and appropriate written consent be obtained from the patient and malpractice insurance must specify dry needling/trigger point acupuncture coverage.

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