Welcome Laura Hamill and Wei (Vivien) Zhang

Laura joins us as a first year student from NESA at MCPHS to serve as our student liaison. She brings a new perspective and broad skillset to the board and we are excited to have her join us!

Statement from Laura:
As a first year acupuncture student, I deeply value the work the Acupuncture Society of MA has undertaken toward improving the accessibility and recognition of Chinese Medicine. I’m thrilled to join this team and share the commitment of promoting and protecting our profession.

In addition to my candidacy for Master of AOM, I am the founder and director of Perennial Collective, a sustainable tea company highlighting small producers and seasonal herbal teas. I hold an MBA from Saint Joseph’s University and a BA from University of Victoria.”

Laura Hamill
Candidate for Master of AOM, Chinese Herbal Medicine ’23
New England School of Acupuncture
MCPHS University

Wei (Vivien) Zhang

Wei joins us with a wealth of professional experience as a clinician, NESA faculty member, and board member. She brings enthusiasm for the growth and elevation of our field and tempers it with decades of experience. We are thrilled to have her join our team!

“Acupuncturists are providing exceptional personalized patient care with efficacy and compassion. I appreciate this opportunity use my knowledge and expertise to serve the acupuncturists community.”

Wei (Vivien) Zhang, MB, MS, Lic.Ac.
Completed Doctor of ACM Education
NCCAOM Diplomate in Chinese Medicine
NCCAOM Diplomate in Acupuncture

Background and Experience:
I had been a faculty member at New England School of Acupuncture (NESA) from 1999 to 2013. For more than 10 years, I taught a remarkable range of courses, including fundamental courses, clinical courses, acupuncture courses, Chinese herbal medicine courses, and supervised both acupuncture and Chinese Herbal medicine clinics. I was passionate about teaching and improving the quality of course instruction.

Being compliant with the safety protocol as a daily routine is essential for herbal pharmacy dispensing herbal products to the community. After working as the Pharmacy Manager at NESA for 8 years and a consultant for a large dietary supplement company for 2 years, I’m familiar with the safety issues in the field, the labeling and advertising regulations of the FDA on dietary supplements and medical devices, especially Chinese Herbal products and acupuncture needles.

Learning from other practitioners clinical experience, gathering acupuncture research finding, applying these knowledge into my practice and sharing with colleagues and patients are what I enjoy. I have had more than 25 years of clinical experience, having my private practice and well as seeing patients and providing acupuncture care at Mass General Hospital (MGH) Pain Medicine Center. As an acupuncture researcher, I participated in several clinical research programs such as “Acupuncture and Pain”, “Acupuncture Treatment for Menopausal Hot Flashes”, “Stop Hypertension with Acupuncture” at MGH.

Served at different acupuncture and health care organizations over the past years, gave me an opportunity to serve the community, and enriched my knowledge and experience. I’m a committee member of Committee on Acupuncture (COA), Board of Registration in Medicine, Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Currently I serve as the Secretory of COA. I’m serving as a Subject Matter Expert (SME) of NCCAOM. And I’m one of the board directors of Massachusetts Society of Traditional Chinese Medicine (MSTCM).