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Update 5/15/2020

Dear Colleagues,

We acknowledge that we sent an email May 5th 2020, stating we believe acupuncturists are essential in Massachusetts, based on information received from our legislators. We apologize for any confusion or lack of clarity this announcement may have caused.

The Acupuncture Society of Massachusetts has been working tirelessly to resolve conflicting information received by both the ASM and Massachusetts acupuncturists from several sources this week. Today, 5/15/2020, we received an official statement from the Board of Registration in Medicine (BORIM) that they do not make determinations of essential status for providers. The BORIM is a state government institution and they operate under the direction of Governor Baker and as such the decision of essential status remains under the purview of his taskforce. The ASM has applied for designation as essential healthcare providers through the governor’s task force portal.

The ASM is actively advocating for the explicit inclusion of acupuncturists in the list of essential healthcare providers during COVID 19. We have corresponded with our legislators, written letters and provided documents to the governor’s task force, and worked in conjunction with the ASA and CCAOM, our national associations, to provide guidelines for reopening. https://www.asacu.org/2020/04/ccaom-clinic-infection-control-advisory/

We have asked our lobbyist, Dan Delaney, to support this endeavor and he is actively advocating for our essential status directly with the governor’s task force.

Governor Baker will be making an announcement on Monday May 18th which will likely impact how we move forward with reopening our practices’. We will be attentively listening and rapidly disseminating how that information impacts our members.

The ASM is a volunteer organization and our efforts and our paid lobbyist are supported by our members. We ask you to support your state trade association by becoming a member, donating, or offering your time in a volunteer capacity at AcusocietyMA.org. We are here to serve the acupuncturists of Massachusetts, please join us to make us stronger and have a voice in moving our profession forward.

Want to take action?

If you want to take action today, you can apply for an essential designation through the Governor’s task force portal, using the link below.



In health and wellness,

ASM Board of Directors



1)  ASA and NCCAOM Town Hall: May 20th, 8pm EST

2) “Essential Healthcare Providers” and “Essential Healthcare Services” Descriptions and Best Practice Guidelines PDF 

3) CCAOM Clinic Infection Control Advisory Document

On March 4, 2020, the CNT Committee of the CCAOM issued a Clinic Infection Control Advisory to serve as a guide for acupuncturists in making an assessment to close their practices. 

4) Covid-19 Patient Notice and Acknowledgement Forms